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Here are a few of my favorite pieces I’ve had recently elsewhere on the internet in case you missed them!

The Worst New Years ResolutionsTits And Sass – Responding to the split between the Village Voice and Backpage.com in December as well as the Senate resolution asking Backpage to eliminate their adult advertising section. Favorite quote of mine – re: Will Bourne’s article in the Village Voice announcing their split with Backpage

This article is a cowardly, misinformed, self-righteous, and poorly articulated jumble of ideas that will ultimately prove ineffective. Bourne illustrates his complete lack of understanding of either the sex industries or the “human trafficking” he claims to be addressing. Co-opting the title of a seminal feminist text about health and sexuality was only the beginning of bad decisions in this piece.

Commentary On The Commentary: Sex Work and the Disabled ClientxoJane – Responding to the media surrounding Madam Becky Adams and her organization Para Doxies, a service connecting disabled clients to sex workers. Focuses more on addressing the media and our assumptions about disabled people, sexuality, and sex work. Here’s what sums up my feelings in brevity, and most of my feelings around major media around sex work in general:

But I’m still troubled by much of the coverage of the project. While it seems to be “less bad” than most media on sex work, and I’m stoked to see “sex work” as a term being used on the regular, it’s still not great.

Sex Trafficking and the Super Bowl: Penalties of a Media BlitzRole Reboot – This was published over a year ago, but is relevant giving the upcoming big game in a little over a week. Dismantling the myth that there is any correlation between “sex trafficking” and major athletic events.

I do feel compelled to point out that I did not choose the image connected however. I’ve already expressed my frustration with random shoes and legs being used to illustrate the sex industries. That was on the editors.

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